1 Buy ADA on exchange

Easiest way to buy ADA is buying it on exchanges like Binance,Coinbase,Gate.io etc. Always look if you are buying ADA in a pair with a currency you have ready.


2 Get your ADA wallet ready

Download your ADA wallet to your explorer or to your desktop. We recommend using Yoroi, Daedalus, Nami, CCvault or ADA Lite.


3 Transfer your ADA from exchange
to your wallet

Transfer funds from exchange to your ADA wallet. This comes with a fee which is not more than 1 ADA. It should not take more than an hour. Make sure to do the transfer on Cardano network.


4 Mint Rhino NFT

On 30th April 2022 – 6PM UTC navigate to our website and click the ‘Mint now’ button. You will see an address or a link. Send EXACT amount of ADA from one of the above mentioned wallets, then after a while, you should see your rhino NFT in your wallet or pool.pm.

Mint rhino NFT

Sad Rhinos

Realistic 3D designs consisting of 4444 rhino NFTs.
Our aim is to help rhinos in the wild.

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